Research & Analysis

Strategic planning


Customized market research enables you to rediscover your target markets, learn more about your customers and how to most effectively inform them or your products and services.

Apt Marketing Solutions’ proprietary research is custom designed to help our client partners’ develop a personalized strategy and execution plan. Examples of individualized research we provide include:

  • Does a long-term marketing science collaboration make good business sense for you?
  • Customized data-driven marketing: Do you need more (or less)?
  • The 5 most important decisions you’ll need to make on data-driven marketing
  • Retooling your business workflows through marketing science
  • Is marketing science a competitive advantage for you?


Strategic Planning Guide

We construct custom strategic marketing guides with our client partners. A sample construct could look something like this:


  • Defining goals
  • Getting in step with your customer – Map your sales funnel (customer journey)
  • Defining the need for research – too much information or not enough

Data management & integrity

  • Your company’s data dictionary – Meaning, relationships to other data, origin, usage, format, access
  • Data security – Keeping the lid on your data
  • Data hygiene & audit


  • Propensity modeling  – Where to investment
  • Measuring the role of customer service in customer retention, advocacy and renewals
  • Scoring customers, prospects, rejects
  • Turning leads into pipeline, prospects into customers


  • Going International? Start with globalizing (simplifying) your English
  • Weighing the media channel mix – Building awareness vs action
  • Test the clarity of your message
  • Drip campaigns – When to change frequency

Tools & Analysis

  • Actionable analysis  – The difference between need to know and satisfying a curiosity
  • Co-marketing – Leveraging partners to cultivate customers, amend your data with external info
  • Complex data discovery – The factors that drive your business
  • Cross indexing


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