Apt Marketing Solutions offers deep expertise in marketing science to help you connect with your customers in more efficient and meaningful ways.

We’re people who enjoy working with people. We pride ourselves on a proven record of delivering unparalleled value to our clients’ marketing initiatives.

Curtis Thornhill, Founder & CEO

I believe data helps companies craft messaging that speaks directly to people. In 2002, I began using data-driven marketing techniques, developing programs and campaigns that were new to the technology space.

My background spans marketing, sales and products across industries and brands, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Nokia, Facebook, Starwood, Thomson Reuters, Farmers Insurance, Symantec and ExactTarget. Read more.

Paige Griffeth, Principal Consultant

Paige has 17 years of experience working closely with business, technology, product and policy teams. Paige specializes in email and telemarketing channels. Her expertise includes responsibility for guiding marketing campaign spending allocations and customer response management.

Colin Popadiuk, Program & Project Manager

Colin works with enterprises to small businesses, managing marketing channels such as webinars and telemarketing along with standing up teams to engage projects long term. His experience includes building workflows and conduits, setting up teams to handle client projects and helping to optimize them over time.