In a complex marketing environment, “end-to-end solutions” are an inviting approach for client partners. Many just want the bottom line: Access to the relevant information, credible answers and strategic insights.

What does an end-to-end solution mean for your business?

Marketing scientists stitch together a variety of data pieces that make up a complex puzzle. We link a number of factors to form a complete picture of a client partner’s business, customers, information and marketing needs. The process is to digest what customers need, how they look for information, how they consume that information and the best, most productive and timely way to engage with them.

The parts often don’t go together seamlessly. Similar to fitting together the pieces of a puzzle, it requires continuous testing to see what’s working and what’s not. Ultimately, the process is about scientifically and artfully solving a problem with many different but connected segments. Preparing data, connecting information, building analytical models and drawing relevant insights from which to develop a workflow strategy and action plan is the roadmap to optimum results. It’s not a straight line to say the least.

For the most part, this is what data-driven marketers call an end-to-end solution. To move forward, marketers must make marketing science comfortable and easy for client partners to adopt. For client partners, collaborating with a true end-to-end provider provides you with a dedicated contact to guide you through the entire marketing lifecycle. Done correctly, it produces measurable results quicker.

Rather than looking at only the end product, ask your vendor to detail the process and the goals. It’s the fail-safe way to ensure you’re getting a true end-to-end solution.

By Curtis Thornhill


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