Case Studies


Case Study: Email Production

What’s the problem? An enterprise company planned to shutter its entire internal email production operation over a lack of resources.

What did we do? Apt sunsetted an aging email creation tool and created a new custom tool that integrated with the Salesforce to MailChimp Connector (SFMC). Apt assumed responsibility for all daily email production and worked closely with the email marketing team and analytics team.

Did it work? Apt measurably increased agility with design changes, testing capabilities, production efficiency and decreased company costs.


Case Study: Campaign Performance

What’s the problem? An enterprise client partner’s bi-weekly email newsletter lacked subscriber engagement.

What did we do? Apt executed version testing and analyzed the data. We were able to identify key drivers and motivators for the target audience to improve results.

Did it work? Apt’s data analysis showed that the client’s original hypothesis to drive more traffic to specific calls-to-action by reducing the number of modules was incorrect. Instead, the data showed that the audience engaged when the newsletter presented numerous areas of interest to readers.


Case Study: Operations Services

What’s the problem? A client partner needed a team to handle incoming listings on their platform.

What did we do? Apt supported a team of five to handle incoming listings as well as helping to improve existing listings. The project included analysis, improving listings, ensuring adherence to platform requirements and listing best practices.

Did it work? Apt has continued to monitor and optimize the team and its operations.


Case Study: Data Management

What’s the problem? An enterprise organization used multiple, disparate marketing channels but had limited insights into each channel and needed multiple siloed systems to access analytics.

What did we do? Apt automated recurring data feeds from each of the individual systems into a central data repository and implemented a cross-channel Tableau-based dashboard.

Did it work? The client partner’s team was able to consolidate systems, view more comprehensive data across channels for their entire marketing effort, and gained deeper and more meaningful insights into campaign performance.


Case Study: Communication Planning

What’s the problem? A client partner needed to deploy versioned messaging to millions of customers worldwide related to an upcoming administrative change.

What did we do? Apt worked with the client partner’s team to determine which versions needed to go to the various recipient sets at the proper times. Apt coded translations and executed the global deployment.

Did it work? Apt coded 24 unique templates and 72 language variations, and deployed more than 1.6 million emails across over 70 individual recipient lists.