AptCourier is a simple way to schedule or immediately transfer files between FTP or sFTP locations. Whether it's a data file, a pdf, or something else, you can set it and forget it. AptCourier's intuitive interfaces are designed for marketing professionals; no IT experts needed.

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How It Works:

  • Specify which files you want to transfer (e.g. all files in a folder, those with specific names, or certain types of files)
  • Select the frequency for file transfers (weekly, daily, hourly, etc.)
  • Set the start date and, if desired, an end date for the file transfer process
  • Choose to keep or delete the source file in the Source Directory
What It Can Do For You: AptCourier can be tailored to your workflow and used in many ways. Here are a couple examples of how our clients put it to work:

Follow-Up Communication
Multiple times a day, a busy sales team posts files to its FTP site containing the outcomes from their business development calls. We pick up the files and transfer them to the company’s email system so semi-personalized emails may be sent following up on the day’s verbal communication.
Archiving Data
On a random basis, a call center generates summary files as soon as each campaign is completed. AptCourier picks up these files and sends them to a designated archive location.

Use AptCourier to easily create scheduled file transfer jobs. Our fully online, user-friendly interface gives you the flexibility to make changes anytime, anywhere. For extra accountability, a history of all file transfer attempts is always available for reference.

AptCourier’s maximum file transfer size is 5MB. Contact Us for cases when you need larger files transferred.