We’ve long promoted the principle of in-the-moment marketing. As data fast becomes marketing’s nucleus not only is the volume of available customer data exploding so is the pressure on analysts and engineers to move rapidly from information to insight.

It takes a merger of artificial intelligence technology and predictive analytics skills to enable marketers to digest how to trigger marketing events based on real-time transactions. There is, however, an alarming shortage of data scientists to shepherd marketing through a metamorphosis from after-the-fact analysis of campaign effectiveness to using machine learning to adapt and modify campaigns on the fly based on real-time transactions.

The video linked below is a short intro on ESG Research’s view of the overall shortage of data scientists industry needs to dissect AI data. But its high points are applicable to us marketers. ESG’s research found that 38% of organizations investing in AI initiatives are doing so without a data scientist. You can safely count marketers among those organizations that will most assuredly be constrained by a lack of data analytics experts on staff.

Check out the video here. Think I’ve wandered too far off the path? Download the full study here to see for yourself.



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