Modern B2B digital marketing often isn’t as neat and clean as it may appear. Today, the challenge is linking tailored messages to optimal contact timing. Since it’s no longer sufficient for us to be smart with data-driven marketing insights and channels, we must also be timely, or, in some circumstances, even immediate.

As an overwhelming amount of collected data goes unused—highly valuable, spot-on timely information is left unharnessed. While the value of much of the data we rely on today has a critical life value of hours, in short order it will be a matter of minutes.

It’s not too much to say that all of us should start dealing in real-time insights to redefine success as being the most skilled rather than the cleverest. ‘If not right now, then when,’ should be our motto starting today. If you think that’s neat, clean and simple, you must look more closely. It’s not.

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By Curtis Thornhill


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