It’s common to think of organizational structure when a company grows. But developing and scaling a world-class marketing organization is complex and complicated with many factors, variables and unforeseen circumstances playing into it.

Moving from a team of one or two individuals, striking a balance of work at a staff of five, expanding to a group of 15 — each stage presents issues and opportunities.

Particularly in the early stages, choosing the right type of hire is as important as finding talented people. As the team expands, processes and tools become important to enable clear communication and visibility of work, as does ensuring you’re not wasting time and effort as you build for the future.

As a marketing team scales, there are questions about bringing in specialists and specialization to the core work of marketing. Navigating through these periods is particularly challenging because these staffing levels reflect inflection points in the breadth of work, organizational behavior and technical needs to get the job done.

If you’re a young company with limited budget, it’s wise to consider alternative ways to find talent. Interns, for example, some of whom are keen to learn, can be trained to fit your specific needs, can grow into the job as they earn college credit, may prove to be a valuable source of talent and a potential full-time staffer at some point. Also, one successful intern experience begats another, creating a possible pipeline for you of developing talent.

Also, keep in mind that if you’ve built your company from the bottom up with talent, you are more likely to interest other top talent. And, perhaps most importantly, is your company culture. Each day is a chance to reaffirm your core principles to team members, clients and prospective talent.

By Curtis Thornhill


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