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Our holistic approach simplifies workflows, lowers operational costs and speeds time-to-market.

We’re your best kept secret

We’re with you for the long term,
whether solutions are built and run
by us or your team.

Our methods, formulas and processes are tailored to each client partner’s requirements.

We’re additive

You won’t have to alter
your systems and processes
to bring us on board.

We handle the implementations, integrations and data management.


We provide advanced data modeling, including algorithmic targeting and propensity models. Our architects and technicians plan, execute, measure and adjust in real time.


The cornerstones of marketing success are collaboration, formal processes and well documented projects. Our project managers help align our team with yours.


We build strategies around your strategies, collaborating with you to assess your business opportunities and maximize your innovative digital marketing programs.


We focus on creating, delivering and tracking highly personalized communications across multiple marketing channels to increase your marketing ROI.

Managed Marketing Services

Our team manages the coding and execution of marketing campaigns through your existing systems or services, including mobile first/responsive email coding and pages, landing pages, lifecycle campaign set up, QA and testing, and tracking and reporting.  Execution is through marketing channels such as email campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Responsys, SMS messaging or social media channels. Design services are also available.

Our data management services focus on the use of your existing data to better target customers and identify process changes needed within your business/marketing practices. Our analysts and data scientists ensure that your data is structured, managed and used effectively to optimize the performance of your work product.

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We collaborate with your key team members to design and build custom marketing technologies, including solutions involving automation of a service or program, communication of data between multiple systems or vendors, customized solutions to solve a unique marketing problem or selecting an existing market solution.

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We accomplish the operational tasks needed to manage most marketing or communication channels, spanning project management, scheduling, vendor relationships, stakeholder approvals, system uptime, campaign performance and compliance requirements. Our team focuses on the day-to-day particulars of your marketing programs so you can dedicate resources for strategy and campaign initiatives.

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Our Clients Speak for Themselves

They’re engaged

“The Apt Marketing team shared with us more than their excellent technical expertise – they also added their patience, support, and guidance as we sorted through our overall program. Apt was fully onboard with what we needed to be done both immediately and long term.”

– Trisha Mitra, Symantec senior manager, marketing analytics

They’re problem solvers

“From a strategic standpoint, as well as a project management perspective, I always knew Apt Marketing was making the right decisions for our business.  Because they have strong program management skills alongside a firm understanding of technology software, they can be trusted as a partner and treated as an extension of your team.”

– Jaimie Bakas, Norton Social Media Marketing Manager

They’re partners

“I heard that you will continue to work with us–great news and I know [that our CFO] feels the same way. Great work on [our site launch]. Thanks for our partnership.”

– Greg Fant, One Kings Lane CMO

They’re strategic

“Apt Marketing is a trusted, highly valued resource that consistently delivers value to our business. We count on our team of seasoned experts to drive maximum effectiveness and efficiency across a wide variety of complex marketing programs—and Apt never let us down. Their ability to always stay one step ahead of the crowd really sets them apart.”

– Lisa Rosato-Donahue, eBay Director Marketing

They’re proven

“Apt Marketing has proven themselves time and again by providing eBay Marketplaces with meaningful strategic, operational and analytic insights. They’ve exceeded all our customers expectations and we continue to recommend them as a trusted partner.”

– Megan Nitta, eBay Sr. Manager Marketing

They’re humble

“Apt Marketing didn’t look for credit for helping us, they were only concerned with collaborating as team members to solve problems and improve the quality of our data and execution. Their focus is on teamwork. When I work with Apt, their dedication to my team’s success is top-of-mind.”

-Marilyn Jessup, Vicality president

Thought Leadership

“We look to digest what customers need, how they look for information, how they consume that information and the best, most productive and timely way to engage with them.”

Curtis Thornhill
CEO & Founder
Apt Marketing Solutions

Named a 2016 Top Agency in Silicon Valley.

Data doesn’t make companies clairvoyant, and volume doesn’t guarantee deeper revelations. Ultimately, it’s what you do with data that makes it a useful marketing tool.

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